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Help us raise funds for an emergency children's ambulance by entering our Chariots of Fire event

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Critically ill children need urgent transportation

Addenbrooke’s is the Paediatric Intensive Care Centre for the East of England admitting approximately 3,500 children every year.

If a child has a serious illness or needs emergency treatment then they will need transporting in an ambulance.

However, while adults and newborn babies who need intensive care treatment are blue-lighted by dedicated, specialist ambulance services, there is currently no such ambulance service in the East of England specifically for critically ill children.

Children have significantly different needs to newborns and adults and are best served by a dedicated children’s ambulance.

Instead, today, hundreds of children requiring urgent transportation to an Intensive Care Unit have to rely on a London-based service to transport them. This can cause delays in treatment and anxiety for worried parents or carers. It can also result in delayed transfers back to their local hospital for their final stages of recovery, increasing the time they’re separated from friends and family.

We need your help

We need to raise funds through the Chariots of Fire relay race for an Emergency Children's Ambulance that will benefit on average 1,700 children a year. Will you help us? 

Help raise funds through our Chariots of Fire event

Chariots of Fire, organised and managed by Hewitsons Charitable Trust, is one of Cambridgeshire’s largest annual charity events, taking place this year on Sunday 22 September. The charity race follows in the heroic footsteps of the famous film Chariots of Fire, telling the story of Harold Abrahams, a Cambridge runner, and his bid to win a gold medal in the 1924 Olympics. It includes the iconic scene of the race around Trinity College Great Court. 

Sign up now

Teams of six each run a 1.7 miles course in relay format. Sign up for a place hereThis year, the event is supporting Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust. 

For further information please contact Emily Willdigg at or call 01223 217757.

Help us buy an Emergency Children's Ambulance to keep children alive during transfers, ensuring that they survive long enough to get to Addenbrooke’s.

Watch our film below to find out how an emergency children's ambulance will save lives:


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