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Family donates £10 million to the new Cambridge Children’s Hospital

Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust are thrilled that The Julius Jones Trust – a UK charity who we earlier reported are transforming the care children’s and their families receive at Addenbrooke’s – have presented ACT President and Co-Chair of the Cambridge Children’s Hospital Fundraising Campaign, Dame Mary Archer, with a donation of £10 million.

The generous gift will be used to help fund Cambridge Children’s Hospital, the East of England’s first specialist children’s hospital and the first hospital in the world designed to truly provide mental and physical health care together.

“We are hugely grateful to The Julius Jones Trust for this incredible philanthropy. The Trust joins a deeply committed community of donors who have come in board during the early stages of this project to help make Cambridge Children’s Hospital a reality. We look forward to working with the Julius Jones Trust and our other supporters as we continue towards our goal of raising £100, for this much needed hospital.”

Dame Mary Archer, ACT President and Co-Chair of the Cambridge Children’s Hospital Fundraising Campaign

Brad Jones presenting Dame Mary Archer with the £10m cheque

Bradley Jones founded The Julius Jones Trust after his young son was diagnosed with a rare brain tumour. “Our mission at the trust is to fund mental health and wellbeing services in the NHS for children, young people and families dealing with life changing diagnoses,” he said.

“The Cambridge Children’s Hospital will be the first in the UK to provide this kind of integrated physical and mental healthcare, and so we are honoured that it is the first recipient of a £10m gift from the trust.”

The donation will support spaces in the hospital, including family wellbeing rooms – multipurpose spaces away from clinical areas where families can spend quality time together during long hospital stays – and a central information hub that will provide vital support information for patients and their families.

It comes just weeks after the Hospital’s Outline Business Case was approved in principle by NHS England and the Department of Health and Social Care. The approval, which is subject to a review of the project’s capital funding in April 2024, means that pre-construction works can begin on the site of the new hospital, opposite the Rosie Maternity Hospital, early next year.

Cambridge Children's Hospital architects drawing
Architect image of the new Cambridge Children’s Hospital. Credit: Hawkins/Brown and White Arkitekter

Professor Isobel Heyman (MBE), children’s mental health clinical lead for Cambridge Children’s Hospital, recently gave evidence on mental healthcare for young people to the Times Health Commission.

She said: “Our vision for Cambridge Children’s Hospital is to look at everything a child needs, not just their illness. An illness doesn’t just affect a child, but everyone around them too – their parents, siblings, family and friends. We are so delighted that The Julius Jones Trust shares our passion and our vision.

“The East of England is the only region without a specialist children’s hospital. And with increasing numbers of children and young people experiencing mental health problems, we urgently need a new type of care, delivered by staff who are trained in both mental and physical health care.”

Professor Isobel Heyman

Cambridge Children’s Hospital will be a national exemplar, delivering a revolutionary model of healthcare and game-changing advances in life sciences research. With an embedded research institute focussing on early detection and preventative medicine, Cambridge Children’s Hospital will detect disease early or prevent it altogether, personalise health care and deliver it closer to home for children and young people across the East of England.

The Project will now start work on the next stage of the business case, the Full Business Case.

The Cambridge Children’s Hospital fundraising campaign is a partnership between Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust (ACT), Head to Toe Charity, and the University of Cambridge. The Campaign will continue to work with donors, with plans to launch the community phase of the Campaign next year, to make this much-needed hospital a reality.

The Addenbrooke’s chimney illuminated to celebrate the generous donation. Credit: CUH Media Studio Mel Yeneralski

As we reported earlier this month, The Julius Jones Trust has also pledged £1.6 million through ACT to improve wellbeing facilities at Addenbrooke’s and to fund a new team to support families needing to stay there, building on the existing support available to families.

With a focus on developing new innovations for children with long-term conditions and reducing family stress, the team will model the holistic care we plan to deliver in Cambridge Children’s Hospital.