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Thank you to the Julius Jones Trust, whose generosity will transform the care Addenbrooke’s offers children and their families

The Julius Jones Trust have pledged £1.6m to help transform the care of sick children at Addenbrooke’s

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15 October 2023

The Julius Jones Trust have pledged £1.6m to help transform the care of sick children by creating a new children’s ward at Addenbrooke’s and setting up a group of specialist psychologists, family support workers, occupational therapists and play therapists who will support the emotional wellbeing of families, providing wrap around care to support families through diagnoses and treatment.

The Julius Jones Trust was launched on the 15 October by Brad Jones, whose journey began when his five-year-old son, Julius, was diagnosed with a brain tumour following numerous seizures. Thankfully Julius made a full recovery, and Brad’s attention turned to supporting the organisation that saved his son’s life – the NHS. He recognised that whilst the NHS excels in diagnosing and curing individuals, there is a crucial need for additional mental and emotional support during these times and greater investment in new, essential support services to meet unmet human support needs within the NHS.

On the same day as launching the Julius Jones Trust itself, they are also launching their core fundraising arm; Win Amazing, a not-for-profit free prize draw offering incredible prizes that will raise funds for life-changing NHS support. ACT are delighted to be the first beneficiary of this new raffle, which aims to support the Julius Jones Trust in becoming the one of the country’s largest supporters of the NHS.

Through buying a ticket in their launch raffle, you will be directly helping to transform the care children and their families in the East of England receive at Addenbrooke’s. To find out more about this raffle, the prizes on offer, and the impact it will have, you can visit our Win Amazing page.

An illness doesn’t just affect a child, but everyone around them too — their parents, siblings, family, and friends. We are so delighted that they share our passion, our vision and have first-hand experience of what 360-degree care really means to the families of children affected by diagnosis. We can’t wait to get started!” – Professor Isobel Heyman (MBE), children’s mental health clinical lead

ACT is proud to be collaborating with the Julius Jones Trust from their launch. Through their pledge to transform the care children and their family receive today, they are helping to develop a brand-new approach to family wellbeing in hospital, helping families to navigate and somehow live with the life-changing impact of health diagnosis and treatment

If you would like to find out more about the Win Amazing raffle, including how to take part, click here.

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