Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust

ACT research awards 2016

ACT granted 26 research awards including 7 Cambridge Clinical Research Fellowships (in total £698,938) some of which were co-funded by the NIHR Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre or supported by the Evelyn Trust and the Isaac Newton Trust.

We are deeply appreciative of generous gifts and legacies donated to ACT by our supporter families and individuals. We thank the Research Advisory Committee of Cambridge University Hospitals for their diligence and expertise in peer reviewing proposals submitted for funding.

General grants

Dr Rafia S Al-Lamki, Dr Simon Pacey - Selective modulation of TNF Receptor 2 (TNFR2) as an adjunct to chemotherapy in renal cell carcinoma (RCC)

Professor Carol Brayne, Dr Tuomo Polvikoski, Ms Sally Hunter - Updating the diagnostic data set in CC75C: amyloid beta protein pathology

Dr Pippa Corrie, Dr Bristi Basu, Dr Mikel Valganon, Prof Duncan Jodrell - Evaluation of circulating tumour DNA as a predictive biomarker in advanced pancreatic cancer

Dr Pippa Corrie, Dr Martin Miller - Integrated analysis of differential response to immune checkpoint inhibitors in patients with metastatic melanoma

Dr Jing Zhao Garland, Professor Andrew Lever - Characterization of dynamic adhesion of late outgrowth endothelial progenitor cells and influence of patients’ related factors on their adhesion under laminar shear stress

Dr Thomas Hiemstra, Dr Ragada El-Damanawi, Professor Yoav Ben-Shlomo, Dr Przemyslaw Woznowski - Device-based fluid intake monitoring in patients with polycystic kidney disease – a sub-study of the DRINK randomised feasibility trial

Mr Andrew Hindmarsh, Dr Pierre Lao-Sirieix, Mr Richard Axell, Mr Daniel Marsden, Mrs. Sonya Sireau, Dr Thomas Stone - Pilot study for the assessment of the efficacy and safety of an endoscopically deployed endoluminal vacuum assisted wound healing device: the EndoVac

Dr Daniel Hodson - Making sense of mutations in diffuse large B cell lymphoma.

Dr Mary-Ellen Lynall, Dr Menna Clatworthy, Professor Ed Bullmore - Investigating the role of B cells in susceptibility to depression

Mr Angus Keeley - Measurement of VQ and shunt non-invasively in adults with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Mr Vasilis Kosmoliaptsis - Investigation of the molecular basis of alloantibody-HLA interactions and detection of clinically relevant HLA-specific antibodies to determine immunological risk in kidney transplantation

Dr Katie Manning, Professor Tony Holland, Dr Howard Ring, Ms Lucie Aman - Feasibility study: improving diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes of psychotic illness in people with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS)

Dr Marko Nikolic - Towards lung regeneration – characterization of human embryonic lungs

Dr Joanna Pocock, Professor Edwin Chilvers, Professor Paul Lehner - Defining the plasma membrane proteome of the HCMV-exposed neutrophil

Mr Kourosh Saeb-Parsy, Professor Ludovic Vallier, Professor Christopher Watson, Dr Susan Davies - Assessment of survival and engraftment of liver cellular therapies transplanted into human livers

Dr Kevin Skilton, Ms Donna Routsis, Dr Thankamma Ajithkumar, Dr Susan Harden - Developing radiotherapy to treat upper abdominal tumours using abdominal compression immobilisation

Ms Lynsey Spillman, Ms Angela Madden, Ms Gillian Gatiss - A qualitative study investigating the barriers and facilitators to meeting diet and lifestyle requirements after liver transplant

Mr Grant Stewart - Combined analysis of genomic and mitochondrial somatic events in cell free DNA for non-invasive renal tumour stratification and longitudinal disease tracking

Cambridge Clinical Research Fellowships

Dr David Bargiela - The role of mitochondria in inflammatory neurodegeneration

Mrs Diana Day - Fluid in Stroke: A Hyperacute Evaluation Study (FISHES)

Dr Joshua Elias - Investigating the biology of the G protein coupled receptor GPR35 and its primary sclerosing cholangitis risk-conferring coding polymorphism

Mr Peter Hartley - Predicting functional recovery after stroke

Dr Mark McClure - A mechanistic study of rituximab and belimumab combination therapy in PR3 ANCA-associated vasculitis

Dr Edward Needham - The role of autoimmunity following traumatic brain injury

Dr Geoffrey Roberts - The metabolic consequences of gastro-intestinal surgery