Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust

Appreciation from staff

Thank you

Many staff members write to us when they have received a grant to say thank you. Here are just a few examples:

I am so grateful for this money so we can buy these items. I have been in a position several times where I have had the awkwardness of trying to take pictures after a death of a child, and had to do it several times because the camera was such poor quality, then been unable to print the pictures off properly. This will be such a massive help for us. Thanks again.

Grant for camera and printing equipment in the paediatric emergency department for when a child passes away


I just wanted to let you know that the cameras have arrived and to thank you and the rest of ACT very much for all the support that has been given. We are now in a position to run the whole system and really start to collect some exciting data - we can’t wait to start seeing patients.

Grant for 3D motion capture cameras - optimising the way prosthetic limbs are set-up with patients, assessing walking patterns of children with cerebral palsy and patients with brain injury.


We’ve just received the confirmation of the £15,000 grant. We are absolutely delighted as it means we can now visit almost every week.  Many thanks for your help with the application.

Grant for laughter specialists to continue their work on the wards


This is the first time I have put a bid in, so I am delighted to be awarded this money. Thank you to everyone involved.

Grant for new furniture in the patient waiting area on Sara Ward in the Rosie Hospital


What a lovely surprise to walk into considering the challenging week we’ve had! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! You have made us all very happy. I really appreciate it.

Grant for refurbishment of Ward F6 quiet room


I am just getting round to having a look at the shower chairs I had researched before I applied and realised I hadn’t emailed you back! Thank you so much – I am so excited!!

Grant for a patient shower chair for neuroscience wards

Brilliant! Thank you. This is very much appreciated and I know all of the Addenbrooke’s neuromuscular team will be very pleased.

Grant for neuromuscular outdoor play equipment