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Frequently asked questions - Gift Aid

Can proceeds from our sponsored events be Gift Aided? 

As long as the event observes the benefit and connected persons rule, proceeds from sponsored events can be Gift Aided.

 If a participant in the sponsored event receives any kind of benefit as a result of their participation, any donations from the participant or their connected persons cannot be Gift Aided. A benefit in this situation is anything that they would have had to pay for if they were not competing in the event. For example: 

  • Free or reduced entry

  • Cost of trip – i.e. flights and accommodation

  • Guaranteed entry to an event that has limited places

  • Guaranteed entry dependent on a minimum amount raised.

Can we claim Gift Aid on ticket sales for our events? 

As a general rule, you will be unable to claim Gift Aid on ticket sales for fundraising events. This is because your supporter will be getting a substantial benefit in return for their ticket price – i.e. attendance at your event.

Is there any way to claim on admissions?

There are two ways that you may be able to claim Gift Aid on income from such events:

 1. Take voluntary donations only – you could make attendance at your event free and then ask for voluntary donations in return for admission. This way no one will be perceived to have received a benefit as they could have attended for free. However, the downfall to this method is that the public will see this as a free event and not give any donation for entry. This could result in your charity making less money for the event than you would have if you had set a ticket price. You should carefully assess your audience before using this method.
2. Split the donation from the benefit – if you were planning to sell tickets to an event such as a ball for £50, but the actual cost of the event for your charity is only £25 per head, you could choose to charge £25 a ticket and then ask for a voluntary contribution of an additional £25. The £25 ticket price would not be eligible for Gift Aid, but the donation element would be. This way you are guaranteed to at least recoup your costs, so there is a reduced risk to your income.

What about donations that we receive at the event?

Any voluntary donations made at an event are eligible for Gift Aid. You just need to make sure that you obtain a valid declaration from all donors.