Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust

Schools and groups

Bedford School House Relays

Supporters of all ages regularly lend their support to ACT by organising events, volunteering time and promoting our fundraising activities.

If your school, college, university, sport or social club or community group would like to hear more about how your support will make a real difference to patients at Addenbrooke’s and the Rosie Hospitals we would be delighted to come and give a group presentation or meet with you individually. 

To arrange this please contact the Community Fundraising Team on 01223 349805 or email us at



Charity of the year 

Chesterton Community CollegeBy choosing to support ACT for a whole year you will be able to ensure that your contribution makes the greatest impact possible.  Your staff, group or club members, students – in fact anyone and everyone  – will have the opportunity to really see the tangible benefits that your fundraising has made to patients at Addenbrooke’s and the Rosie Hospitals.

You could pledge your support to one of our major fundraising appeals, a specific ward or department within the hospitals or leave it to ACT and key clinicians in the hospital to decide where the money you have raised is most urgently needed for patient care by supporting Action for Addenbrooke’s.

ACT will be happy to promote Charity of the Year partnerships through our website, the local media, facebook and twitter, to over 8,000 hospital staff and more than 13,000 ACT supporters through our regular mailings.

To learn more about how ACT can work with you to form a mutually beneficial relationship please contact Nicky Newton on 01223 349885 or

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