Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust

Delivering results through innovation

Our Business in Action for Addenbrooke’s network event on Wednesday 7th September, saw Business In Action members and ACT supporters come together to celebrate Addenbrooke's 250th Anniversary, held in the iconic setting of Marshall of Cambridge.

The event showcased an innovative project that Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust (ACT) has recently funded with the generous support of businesses and individuals.

The guests enjoyed a behind the scene tour of the Marshall of Cambridge site followed by inspiring talks and networking with businesses in Cambridge, as well as key representatives from ACT and Marshall of Cambridge. 

Addenbrooke’s (ACT) supporting innovation & excellence in healthcare 

Dr Thomas Stone, Head of Research and Development Clinical Engineering at Addenbrooke’s shared details of the motion capture laboratory at Addenbrooke’s funded by the Ministry of Defence and ACT which is providing huge benefit to patients with traumatic brain injury, those suffering from a stroke and children with cerebral palsy.

Delivering innovation & excellence in business

Marshall of Cambridge founded in 1909, has thrived and survived throughout its 107 years through innovation and entrepreneurial thinking.  

Mr Christopher Walkinshaw Group Corporate Communications Director at Marshall of Cambridge (Holdings) Limited shared a behind the scenes insight into the story behind Marshall of Cambridge and guests enjoyed a short tour of the iconic site which is steeped in undeniable history. 

We hope companies felt inspired to support our hospitals to stay at the forefront of medical and research innovations.