Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust

Why we need your support

Did you know approximately 50,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer each year... that's one person every 10 minutes!

In Cambridge every year there are:

  • 5,700 new patient referrals
  • 20,000 breast screening attendances
  • 450 new breast cancer diagnoses
  • 970 research trial entries  
  • Thanks to you!

    In 2016 the Addenbrooke's Breast Cancer Appeal raised over £70,000 to fund a table-top specimen x-ray machine. The machine, unveiled in January, is being used to examine breast tissue on-the-spot at clinic appointments which will improve treatments and reduce waiting times, meaning less anxiety for patients. 


    Above: The x-ray specimen machine- A better and faster way to diagnose suspected breast cancer

    Since 2004 thanks to supporters of the Addenbrooke's Breast Cancer Appeal, we have been able to provide:

    • An improved patient environment, through renovating the quiet rooms and funding magazine subscriptions for the waiting areas
    • Specialist technologies including an additional breast ultrasound scanner for the Cambridge Breast Unit
    • Cutting- edge research facilities in the Cambridge Breast Cancer Research Unit based at Addenbrooke's Hospital
    • Enable the launch of the personalised breast cancer research programme to make breast cancer treatment more target and effective.

    For more information contact Emily Willdigg, Events Fundraiser, ACT. 

    Call: 01223 349885 or Email: