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Loving your hospitals

Loving your hospitals

We have lots of lovely feedback about your experience of the hospitals. You can read and watch just a few examples below.

If you would like to send in your feedback we would love to read it - simply email us at

"The top hospital in the world!"

Debbie“Everybody at Addenbrooke’s has been amazing. I hear so many people saying good things about being treated here. I’ve become a staunch advocate for Addenbrooke’s. I’d always wanted to live by the sea, but now, no way. I want to live near Addenbrooke’s – the top hospital in the world!” Debbie Brown, Former leukaemia patient

"It is a very fine hospital"

"My wife received a difficult fifth revision of  her hip from Julian Owen at Addenbrooke's in March of this year. She's always been seen at King's Lynn before. The outcome has been spectacularly good, far better than expected, and the whole Addenbrooke's experience was a breath of fresh air. It is a very fine hospital and therefore I'm greatly put out to see it now facing a bad press. I'm beginning to warm to Keith McNeill as he faces a grilling.

The point is that the whole region has in Addenbrooke's a very fine hospital and frankly I couldn't care less what the Government bean counters think about it. So I hope you'll be leading the charge in supporting this excellent hospital and its staff through what promises to be a tough time and ensuring they continue their excellent work."

"This is the hospital for the community"

"Addenbrooke's has done so much for us"

Liam and  width=

“Addenbrooke’s has done so much for us, we’re really so grateful. Liam has had three operations after he was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour. It’s been a very difficult time, but Addenbrooke’s has been wonderful. The staff have been gentle yet efficient. We immediately felt that they were extremely competent while being very caring at the same time. Quite an experience. They’ve saved Liam’s life.” Lisa Almond, Liam Watts' mum

"I was treated with the greatest respect"

"Addenbrooke's is a magical place"

"We are so lucky to have Addenbrooke’s on our doorstep"

Lucas and Jess

"Thanks to the outstanding expertise and care at Addenbrooke's, Lucas recovered from his early heart complications and is now thriving. We are so lucky to have Addenbrooke’s on our doorstep. We’ll never forget what they have done for us.” Jess Harvey-Bowman, Lucas' mum