Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust

The Outpatient Garden - supported by the Mick George Community Fund

With rapid expansion of the Cambridge Biomedical Campus and fast-rising patient numbers the quality of the hospital environment at Addenbrooke’s is under immense strain. To relieve this, our Healing Spaces campaign will promote recuperation and recovery through carefully targeted enhancements – indoors and outdoors – to create a more welcoming, comfortable and supportive experience for patients and their loved ones.

Hospitals, and in particular appointments in the outpatient setting, can see the start and the finish of a journey in healthcare delivery. Both good and bad news is frequently delivered at an outpatient facility; patients can be in the cycle of ongoing treatment and it can be a very chaotic environment.

Through their community fund, Mick George Limited have given Addenbrooke’s the opportunity to recondition an area of the hospital into a healing space that will offer tranquillity, escapism, and an opportunity for refection and restoration.

There is much research into the benefit of green space to support all areas of the healthcare pathway and the transformation of the entrance to Outpatients at Addenbrooke’s, with the support of Mick George Limited, will help to provide solace to all when working through difficult decisions or issues that cannot easily be thought about within the constraints of a clinical setting.

Mick George Limited are capturing all the action on camera. Watch this space to find out more as the action unfolds! In the meantime, you can keep up to date with their latest blog post here.