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J2 Garden Appeal

J2 Garden

Addenbrooke’s is the region’s major trauma centre and Ward J2 provides rehabilitation for people recovering from serious head and spinal injuries.

Our patients were just getting on with daily life when something like a road collision, serious accident or brain seizure tore their world apart. As the patients begin to recuperate, their surroundings become increasingly important. But the ward’s courtyard (right) is drab and sadly underutilised. With your support, however, we could create a multi-sensory garden to help patients with their rehabilitation and bring much-needed comfort at such a distressing time.

Nicola Owen, J2 Ward Sister, explains: “Our patients deal with devastating, life-changing injuries. A planted courtyard with beautiful colours, smells and sounds would stimulate patients’ senses, encourage mobility, nurture recovery – and offer comfort when it is most desperately needed.”

Jubilee Garden

You can transform this courtyard into a healing space for those who need it most. Will you help us create an environment where plants – and patients – can thrive?