Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust

Healing Spaces Campaign

Jubilee Garden

Overwhelming evidence shows that patient recover more quickly in clinical settings designed for emotional as well as physical wellbeing. That’s why ACT is launching the Healing Spaces campaign.

If you’ve been to Addenbrooke’s or the Rosie lately, you’ll know that the hospital campus is expanding fast. By 2020 it will be almost twice as big as in 2010.

Growth will bring tremendous benefits, like new treatments and extra capacity to save more lives. But with intense pressure on space, it can sometimes be hard for patients to feel that they are in a peaceful retreat for recover, recuperation and rest.

Our vision is to bring the campus to life with gardens, quality planting and natural greenery to contribute to patient recovery, and also provide a more nurturing place to support their families.

We want to start by improving the parts of Addenbrooke’s and the Rosie that can make the most difference.

After all, world-class patient care is about healing the mind as well as the body.