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Children's Appeal


Being seriously ill and in hospital can be frightening and traumatic for a child of any age. At Addenbrooke's and the Rosie, we do everything we can to minimise the distress this can cause for them and their family. But while our staff work tirelessly to ensure that quality of patient care remains world-class, services are under strain. We need to raise over £1 million to fund urgent improvements to children’s services at Addenbrooke's and the Rosie hospitals, ensuring that every child experiences the best possible outcome. With your help, we will be able to make the hospital experience as positive and ‘normal’ as it can be - whether by improving surgical and diagnostic tools to help children recover better, providing specialist play and music therapy, or offering therapeutic support to the whole family when they need it most. Will YOU give for the moment and help us raise over £1 million to transform care for sick children and their families? We are now raising funds for the following:

The Rosie's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit & Acute Neonatal Transfer Service (ANTS)

We need your help to equip specialist transport for tiny babies in crisis and provide vital equipment for the neonatal intensive care unit, ensuring that sick newborns are treated quicker and safer.  

Fundraising target: £153,000


Keyhole surgical kit

Keyhole surgery offers an alternative to open surgery, with less pain, shorter recovery and a small scar. Current equipment is over 15 years old, not intended specifically for babies or young children and is too risky to use on newborns.

Help us buy state-of-the-art laparoscopic surgical equipment to reduce the pain and trauma of operations in children as young as one day old.

Fundraising target: £85,000


Music therapy (two years)

Additional funding will enable us to continue to run the music therapy programme, allowing the most vulnerable and isolated children the opportunity to express their feelings and build confidence and self esteem during treatment and recovery. Music therapy also helps children to listen, concentrate and interact with others, providing a positive and fun experience for children and their families.

The NHS has no statutory duty to provide music therapy and, since it was introduced, music therapy has been charitably funded within the hospital. ACT is delighted that, from April 2018, Addenbrooke’s and the Rosie will provide 50% match-funding for music therapy, in recognition of the benefit it brings to the experience of children in hospital and the development of children with complex needs. However, we still have to raise £46,690 to keep this vital service going from April 2018, for another two years.

Fundraising target: £46,690


Bereavement therapist post

Addenbrooke's currently offers immediate support to families after the loss of a child. However, we are not able to follow up with families once they leave the hospital. A family therapist will support families, providing ongoing support in the months and years to come.

Fundraising target: £99,600


Paediatric Day Unit (PDU) refurbishment*

There is an urgent need for improvements to make children and families more comfortable, ease congestion and to provide a safer space for vulnerable children with suppressed immune systems, reducing the risk of cross-infection.

*The hospital needed to improve the PDU at speed, so we committed to underwrite much of the cost from existing funds to meet the tight timescale.  However, if you would like to donate towards the refurbishment, we would be delighted to accept your gift and redirect previously allocated funds to support one of the other appeal elements’.


Nursery nurse

Being able to play while in hospital means that children can continue at least one aspect of normal life. Play can help all children cope better with unfamiliar surroundings and experiences, express their feelings and worries, and help them retain some sense of control. Our play therapy service helps children deal with their fears and helps to improve cooperation during real-life painful procedures. Funding for one of our nursery nurses is coming to an end, putting this vital service at risk. Help us to prevent denying a child or their family access to this much-needed service.

Fundraising target: £51,666


Mobile sensory unit x 6

Sensory play stimulates touch, smell, taste, movement, balance, sight and hearing and is proven to be extremely beneficial for young children and those with special needs or suffering from high levels of anxiety. Currently, there is one mobile sensory play unit that can be brought to the bedside and a shared-use sensory room based across two wards in the hospital, meaning children have little access to sensory play resources.  However, this equipment is only on loan, and will sadly need to be returned.

With YOUR help, we will purchase six mobile sensory units that offer a variety of sensory features including fibre-optic displays, mirror ball, solar projector, sound system and tactile panels.

Fundraising target: £24,576


Greatest need

Every pound raised for children at Addenbrooke's will not only improve care and make life more comfortable, but also make the time they spend in hospital easier and less frightening.

Fundraising target: £151,378


For more information about our Children's Appeal please email or call 01223 217757.