Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust

What have we funded?

Thousands of people have fundraised or made donations towards Addenbrooke’s Hospital since it first opened in 1766.

Over the past 250 years this charitable support has meant that patients can benefit from cutting-edge technology, additional specialist services, groundbreaking research and extra comforts.

Each month during 2016 we will highlight just one of these many hundreds of projects that has been made possible thanks to this support.



CT scanner

Improving CT scanning

In 1978, a group of former patients launched an appeal to buy the first whole-body CT cancer scanner in Cambridge.

By 1981 this inspirational group of people had raised the £1 million needed to buy, install and run the scanner.The appeal went from strength to strength and in 1987 raised enough to buy the first MRI Unit in East Anglia.

Today, ACT is building on this group’s amazing work by continuing to raise funds to buy, maintain and upgrade scanners. In 2004 ACT supporters gave enough to fund two new MRI scanners costing more than £1.5m, making Addenbrooke’s a leading centre in the UK for MRI scanning.

In 2009, a gift of £580,000 left by Margaret Leigh in her Will enabled Addenbrooke’s to buy one of the world’s fastest CT scanners. At the time Addenbrooke’s was
the only UK hospital outside London to have this state-of-the-art technology, which can examine an entire heart in just a quarter of a second – less than half a heartbeat.

“This new CT scanner is another wonderful advance, maintaining Addenbrooke’s position as the premier CT site in the country.This perpetuates the original aim of the charity which launched the appeal for the first body CT scanner in Cambridge over 30 years ago.” Adrian Dixon, Emeritus Professor of Radiology (quoted in 2009)

ACT continues to support CT and MRI scanning to ensure that Addenbrooke's can provide the very best care for its patients for many years to come.