Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust

Tristan's story


Two hundred and fifty years after Addenbrooke's opened its doors, the tradition of charitable giving remains strong and is continuing to save lives. 

Tristan is one young patient whose life has been transformed thanks to kind donations and fundraising from the public. His mum, Celia, tells his story:

“Tristan was a very underweight baby with severe feeding issues, linked to a growth disorder, Russell Silver Syndrome. Most foods would make him vomit on sight or choke because he couldn’t swallow. Trying to keep his weight up was agonising and put a real strain on family life.

The team at the Addenbrooke’s feeding clinic were excellent, but back home between appointments the feeding battle was almost overwhelming.  We lost momentum, felt isolated and Tristan failed to thrive.

We were desperate. Then they told us about a brand new week-long intensive feeding programme at the hospital. We didn’t hold out much hope after trying so hard for years with so little success.

But the specialists were amazing!  Until then, Tristan had never eaten a proper meal. But each morning, they pushed him and the other children to new places.  He started to accept foods we never dreamed of.  n that first week were able to halve his liquid nutrition. Best of all, Tristan’s new eating habits stuck with him and we haven’t looked back.

The difference has been truly life changing. We feel so lucky. This year Tristan will share his first Christmas dinner with the family. We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate and will be forever grateful.” - Celia, Tristan’s mum

Treatment And Support for Tricky Eaters (TASTE) programme was made possible thanks to kind supporters like you. Thank you.