Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust

Fostering the future leaders of clinical cancer research


ACT supports cancer research at Addenbrooke’s by providing valued funding for early stage projects and creating research training opportunities for aspiring clinicians.

Between 2007 and 2012, we made 48 cancer research awards nearing a total of £1.6m.  Through making numerous relatively small research awards, we have supported 101 cancer research specialists and projects of high scientific excellence, many of them early stage and able to generate scientific data to inform wider research projects, leveraging funding from other organisations.

We have awarded18 clinical academic fellowships totaling £0.8m, providing young doctors with short-term support and access to experienced supervision as an entry point into research.  Ten of these fellowships were specifically awarded for cancer research. 

Nine fellows have received awards and recognition for excellence in presentation of their research findings at prestigious national and international scientific conferences.  Nine of the ten who have completed their ACT fellowships have secured follow-on funding to complete a PhD (including five highly regarded Medical Research Council and Wellcome Trust fellowships).

Supporting new research innovation through the ACT on Cancer campaign

Supporting such innovation is a core part of the ACT on Cancer campaign, ensuring that innovative research ideas are progressed to ‘proof of concept’ stage and in cultivating a new generation of clinical scientists who have an informed understanding of the nature of the clinical problems. 

Through acquisition of research skills these scientists are best positioned to transform fundamental research discoveries into tangible benefits for cancer patients at Addenbrooke’s.