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El Salvador-Cambridge health partnership for maternal and infant health

El Salvador team

“The Rosie team felt proud to be involved in such important developments in El Salvador. The exposure to a less well-resourced environment with patients being often more ill than in the UK enabled the team to think differently about their way of working within the NHS.” Dr Hannah Missfelder-Lobos

Our El Salvador Partnership  brings together a multi-disciplinary team from across CUH’s Rosie Maternity hospitals work with partners at the National Maternity Hospital and the National Children's Hospital in San Salvador to support improvements in maternal and neonatal healthcare in El Salvador. 

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Mothers giving birth in El Salvador are 5 times more likely to die than in the UK.

There is a shortfall in specialised training in maternal and neonatal healthcare and to address this, our partnership delivers an annual national congress. The congress provides specialised practical training in how to manage and treat obstetric and neonatal emergencies to healthcare workers from across the country. The congress provides practical simulation training and tackles the most urgent health issues relating to mothers and babies. 

Better trained healthcare staff means women and newborn babies do not have to die because of treatable or preventable causes

We have been working with our partners, the Ministry of Health, El Salvador, the National Maternity Hospital, San Salvador, the National Children’s Hospital, San Salvador and CUH to enable sustainable improvement in the care for mothers and babies.

Through our partnership we have introduced and established:

  • 24/7 specialist cover in all national maternity hospitals
  • ‘Code Red’ established in 2015. Guidelines on how to manage the treatment for patients suffering from postpartum haemorrhage were nationally implemented.
  • Midwifery and multi-disciplinary team working
  • New sub-specialty course developed in Intensive Care in Obstetrics and Gynaecology